Winner 2021 / Special Awards / ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR

Lavender squeezing shoes



  • University
    Bezalel Academy For Art And Design
  • Lead Designer
    Ahlam Kaysi
  • Prize
  • Expertise
  • Other credit
    Baha Abu Hussien
  • Design Team
    Mentored By Eliora Lemmer Ginsburg

The lavender plant is known for its natural medicinal properties. While walking with the shoe, the fresh lavender branches are placed in between the convexed insole and the concaved sole and are crushed by the weight of the body and the movement while walking. As the natural oils are released, the wood takes in the oils and it absorbs into the foot.
The pressure that life puts us through, especially now in times of Corona virus, have led me to this design thinking. A self-healing shoe, that is made with a personalized anatomic last, to insure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Photo Credit: Baha abu hussien