Overall Winner 2021 / SPECIAL AWARDS

Foot’s nest

  • Company
    Misawa Shoe Design Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Noriyuki Misawa
  • Prize
    Overall winner in SPECIAL AWARDS
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

Master custom shoemaker Noriyuki Misawa pursues formative, yet functional artistly. To display the external space of the foot, its shape is defined by a “Foot’s nest.” As if slipping a foot into a high heel, the space nestles your foot. The material is a leather used for heels, and like insects making nests, stacking the several-fold leather layers to create the space brings a sense of dignity. Everything is fabricated by Misawa’s hands. Under the COVID-19 pandemic situation, people are forced to change their lifestyles. “Foot’s nest” represents a new interpretation of the Shoe.

I trained as a shoemaker in Tokyo and in Vienna,Austria, for 10 years.In Vienna,I spent my free time visiting artists’ ateliers and art museums, where I was absorbed by the creative artistry.This experience inspired my career as an artist.Returning to Japan,I continued to learn under some Japanese artists and craftsmen for 4 years to extend my range of expression. It has been 20 years since I’ve engaged in shoemaking.I will keep pursuing the new value of “shoe art.”

Other prizes
2010 Germany, International Efficiency Contest of Shoemakers "Gold medal" and "Honor prize" 2015 The 33rd Japan leather crafts exhibition "Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Award" 2022 GLOBAL FOOTWEAR AWARDS "BEST OVERALL WINNER" And many others

Photo Credit: Misawa Shoe Design Inc.