Overall Winner 2022 / KIDS

Aretto Leaps - Growing Shoes for Growing Feet



  • Company
    Sanosyzo Private Limited
  • Lead Designer
    Aretto Design Lab
  • Design Team
    Satyajit Mittal, Parth Dhomkar, Prateek Jain, Akshay Sase
  • Prize
    Winner in KIDS FASHION FOOTWEAR, Overall winner in KIDS
  • Expertise

Aretto Leaps are crafted with our patented SuperGrooves™ technology; intuitively sensing millimetric growth in feet and expanding to fit the natural foot shape perfectly upto 3 sizes.

The concept is inspired from a bud blooming into a flower.

The "Y" grooves in the sole and the knitted elastic upper allow the shoes to expand 360° without any manual intervention. They provide the right fit, not too loose or tight, throughout the usage cycle of upto ~18mm of growth. Aretto Leaps reduce the number of shoes a kid needs by 3 times and also provides a bespoke fit to every unique foot shape.