Winner 2022 / Men's Fashion / MEN'S FASHION

Handsfree Athens



  • Company
    Handsfree Labs
  • Lead Designer
    Steve Herman
  • Prize
    Winner in MEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Ali Carlile, Brad Johnson, Steve Herman, Craig Cheney, Sabrina Walbeck, Seth Munger, Jensen Pratt, Skip Lei, Jimmy Tsen
  • Firm Size

Life-changing footwear technology that improves the lives of everyone that wears them. With patented spring-back technology in every heel, Kizik shoes instantly pop on and lock feet into place without the use of hands. The geometry and material selection for the hands-free component (located in the back heel of the shoe) is what allows the shoe's heel to collapse. Unlike a slip-on shoe, the shoe fits snuggly on the foot providing better fit, comfort and dexterity. Great for people of all ages but especially empowering for kids, and busy families, and people with health challenges.

Photo Credit: Handsfree Labs