Winner 2022 / Unisex Fashion / UNISEX FASHION

Primeira Runner



  • Company
    Perryco Shoes
  • Lead Designer
    Brittney Perry, Quintin Williams
  • Prize
    Winner in UNISEX FASHION
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Jacob Polhill
  • Firm Size

Before the Premeira, there was the Prelude.
Just as a child has to learn how to walk before they run, we had to do the
same. Inspired by classic runner siholuettes, Premeira is a product that
was designed in Chicago and manufactured for quality in Portugal.

At PerryCo, we pride ourselves in being a unisex brand. We are breaking gender barriers while delivering high-quality, wearable versatility and style.

Photo Credit: Perryco Shoes