Winner 2022 / Women's Fashion / WOMEN'S FASHION

The New Old

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  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Aneliya Kyurkchieva
  • Prize
    Winner in WOMEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise

Our new Crochet mule is an 85mm-heeled backless mule made in our
favourite material mix: fine Italian leather and mesh. It features a special
embroidery texture developed in layered chain stitch, inspired by
traditional crochet techniques. The floral motif is essential to the crochet
story, as although it appears to be on the side of the shoe strap, it
represents the source of all the crochet rays starting off in a spiral
movement and developing into an organic design. The geometric floral
motif in the core is a fundamental motif in Bulgarian folklore and signifies the compass of life.

ATANA designs timeless quality shoes infused with elegance. Inspired by traditional, artisanal embroidery, ATANA’s mission is to create beautiful, comfortable footwear using specialised techniques with craftsmanship at the heart. Hand crafted using the finest Italian materials such as leather and suede, each pair features beautiful embroidery detailing as ATANA’s signature touch. ATANA was established in 2020 by co-founders Aneliya and Tanya Kyurkchieva. Creative Director Aneliya, refined her skills as an embroidery designer by previously working at Alexander McQueen in London.

Other prizes
Bronze Price for Fashion Design (Studio/Collective) at the MM Awards 2022