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Mirqurius Denoyez Runner 2018



  • Lead Designer
    Hita Wangse Rudira
  • Prize
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Makarios Hadji

The main direction of this project is to designing a 80s - 90s inspired runner sneaker with the main inspiration is the famous street in Paris city, named Rue Denoyez. Graffiti, Hip-hop music, streetwear fashion, trend and community in Paris is the ingredients behind the product. The Denoyez Runner is made with Italian suede leather, mesh, and using the Bi-Light Sole Technology for more comfort and lightweight. This Denoyez Runner is using Mirqurius brand iconic accessories, the tassels, as its iconic identity. While the other brand using laces for the latest drop, this product designed to no

Photo Credit: Diam² Studio