Winner 2022 / Special Awards / ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR

Royal Clash - part 1



  • Lead Designer
    Deborah Kiwi
  • Prize
    Winner in ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR, Overall winner in SPECIAL AWARDS
  • Expertise

These boots, made from repurposed jeans, are an inquiry into the tug of war between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Two giants dividing the world and meddling in each others affairs.
The first adversary with its rich history and impenetrable secrets, is represented in the silhouette of the boot, hinting back to times past and traditional imperial footwear. The boots’ opulent upper symbolizes individualism and the USA. A rival loving all things big and abundant. Together with the glaring red sole they create a curious blend of East meets West, archaic meets contemporary.

Deborah Kiwi, a Dutch shoe designer and maker based in Tel Aviv, specialises in the design and creation of conceptual, artistic footwear. This female voice aims to push the boundaries of what footwear can be. Using this fascinating, diverse object and what it represents, to explore our relationship to gender, status and culture.

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Photo Credit: Deborah Kiwi