Winner 2022 / Women's Fashion / WOMEN'S FASHION

AYUMA. - Catia Di Carlo -



  • University
    Istituto Italiano Della Moda Rome
  • Lead Designer
    Catia Di Carlo
  • Prize
    Winner in WOMEN'S FASHION, Overall winner in WOMEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise

My project is the result of my experience and art evolution.
The upper is created as a pixel effect achieved via a totally handmade technique and art of weaving of leather. Working with left-over leather, left over Eva rubber pieces coming from soles and wood. Every pair can be slightly different as well easy to manage in production.I do strongly believe in CULTURE SUSTAINABILITY where hands and passions create beauty.Sustainable to me means CARE about Nature, people, loves, past, present and future.I would develop the project making capsule handcrafted from women across the world.

Create a Shoe is the art of myself, Catia Di Carlo, and the essence of my soul.
I’m a Design Director for a well known company but the dream of making something on my own is definitively grown up with me and my career.
I’m an Artist and I make handwoven leather pieces of art, and I constantly need to “MAKE something”.
Few years ago I’ve started to work on Eva rubber bangles and the brand name was born as AYUMA -UNIQUE AS YOU ARE- which today is part of the shoe project.
AYUMA means DREAM in Japanese, and today this is mine: MAKE IT HAPPEN , make a collection of my own shoes.

Other prizes
In 2011 I won WHO’s on Next, Vogue Paris with C.A.2 creative, a Brand of leather lasered scarves. The Brand was founded and created with a friend of mine.