Overall Winner 2022 / MEN'S FASHION




  • University
    D’academie Beeld Sint-niklaas (former Sask/academy Of Fine Arts Sint-niklaas)
  • Lead Designer
    Dempsey Pauwels
  • Prize
    Winner in MEN'S FASHION, Overall winner in MEN'S FASHION, Winner in UNISEX FASHION
  • Expertise

The VOLT collection is inspired by cable management. Pauwels always chooses as a source of inspiration a method that ensures efficiency and order. They give him peace of mind and originate in his basic law studies.

As a defence against covid isolation, Pauwels chose nightclub interiors as his colour inspiration. Neon lights and vibrant colours take centre stage.

To translate these sources of inspiration into a concept for footwear, fabric uppers, leather lining, adhesive PET and (fluor) plexi-glass were used.