Winner 2022 / Special Awards / ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR




  • University
    Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design
  • Lead Designer
    Hasan Kurd
  • Design Team
    Supervised By: Eliora Lemmer Ginsburg
  • Prize
  • Expertise

This shoe represents the time circle between the past and the future and its impact on humans to accepting the void, defects and the imperfections and its effect on him.Starting with the material (leather), it is the personification of the human being, it’s a substance that forms and changes with time,and it’s impact appears on it through the technology used in construction, which is the continuous moisturizing and drying for each layer connected one on top of the other, each layer tells a story and experiment. The deep wound in the middle is the defining moment between the past and the future

Hasan Kurd is a contemporary jewellery and objects artist and maker. Kurd in his artwork connect between jewellry and tools in terms of symbolism, use and function. He works on dismantling traditional Jewelleries and giving his produced works a hybrid character between Jewellry tools and objects, and giving them new qualities that enjoy abstraction in form and content. In his work, he focuses on the use of natural materials while maintaining innovation and diversity permanently, as a jeweler who pays attention to the accuracy of details in his work and the accuracy of finishing associated.

Other prizes
Kurd won the Emerging Artists Award, Arte Laguna Prize, Italy, Venice, 2023 - Andy prize 0.2 for exceptional achievement in the field of crafts for the year 2022, and has received several other awards, namely (Eitan Ron Award for jewelry design - 2021, Evelyn Graver Award for Jewish Ceremonial Object - 2021, Roman Shapiro Award for Judaica - 2021, Award for excellence in studies, Fashion and Jewelry Department, Bezalel - 2021)‫. ‬He holds a four-year scholarship for excellence from the Bezalel Academy of art and design (2018-2022).