Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / MEN’S FASHION

Concept Nike CONQUEROR



  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Van Tichelen
  • Prize
    Winner in MEN’S FASHION, Winner in SNEAKERS
  • Expertise

A concept of Nike running shoes I've thought, to run on every kind of ground.

The upper is composed of an open mesh and a collar, to keep the ankle warm even in case of low temperatures a film ensures the sealing of the upper and the flywire technology hangs the laces to have an adapted fit. An additional lateral support is added by two carbon plates to protect the foot on chaotic ground.

Many lateral groves insure good flexibility of the sole and a smooth stride. To adapt to different shapes of ground, The heel is divided into eight pieces. A grippy pad is placed on the forefoot to improve