Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / SANDALS

Limitless Slides™



  • Company
    Schwilliamz Creative Consultants
  • Brand
    Limitless Slides™
  • Lead Designer
    Ann Williams, Schwilliamz Creative Consultants
  • Design Team
    Schwilliamz Creative Consultants Inc.
  • Client
    Limitless Slides™
  • Photo credit
    Limitless Slides™
  • Prize
    Winner in SANDALS, Winner in UNISEX FASHION
  • Expertise

Limitless Slides support body & spirit with each step. Expertly designed & made of responsive DoughFoam, the slides pair comfort & performance with positive affirmations. Patented, interchangeable TIBAHs create custom phrases to manifest confidence. Pair “I AM” + “LIMITLESS” to tout infinite potential. A lifelong athlete, founder Coach Lisa is professionally & personally devoted to helping others be their best. Her @challengeusoftball & CUDIT athlete & coaching programs boost physical & mental wellbeing on & off the field. Limitless Slides bring Coach Lisa’s passion & positivity to us all.