Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / HIGH HEELS

The Motherland Heel

Photo Credit: Funfere Koroye



  • Brand
  • Lead Designer
    Funfere Koroye
  • Design Team
    Sinatra Zantout
  • Prize
    Winner in HIGH HEELS
  • Expertise

The Motherland heel is a Leather sandal with a golden Nefertiti charm on the ankle strap and an Africa-shaped metal heel designed by Funfere Koroye.

Our shoe is a metaphoric beacon of our Motherland – an ode to the cradle of civilization and culture.

Nefertiti means ‘The beautiful woman has come’. She rivals many monarchs as the most famous Queen (c.  1370 – c. 1330 BC) in Ancient Africa and is often the focus of celebrating beauty, feminine strength, power, and devotion.

She features: a 4.5-inch heel, a recycled vegan leather upper, and a Gold Africa heel made from pure steel.