Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / HIGH HEELS

Walk the thin line

Photo Credit: Charlotte Visser



  • Brand
    Joseline Haverman
  • Lead Designer
    Joseline Haverman
  • Photo credit
    Charlotte Visser
  • Prize
  • Expertise

Walk the tin line is originated and designed from a journey of discovery to what woman stand on. Literally and figuaritvely speaking. A woman's path is like a thin line. A balancing act between various forces. 'Walk the thin line' is an expression of this path. The one wearing the shoe stands tall and powerful. But the question is what she really rests on. Is it a staircase? Is it thin air? Or is it a high heel?

Joseline Haverman creates shoes out of curiosity and her only starting point is that the shoe should be wearable. Every step in the creative process is a choice for Joseline in what is possible.

The main theme of her current line is 'On what do we stand?'. Joseline is exploring what we stand on. As humans. But mostly as woman. This becomes visible in different designs of high heels shoes with an illusion of heels.

Other prizes
Currently shown at Pecs Gallery, Shoe Fantasies. Currated by the Virtual Shoe Museum.