Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / SNEAKERS




  • Lead Designer
    Sebastian Zgutka
  • Photo credit
    Olaf Wysocki
  • Prize
    Winner in SNEAKERS, Winner in 3D PRINT FOOTWEAR
  • Expertise

1Source is all around digit 1. It is a lifestyle sneaker that:
- has only 1 material (TPU from BASF) - easier to recycle
- needs 1 technology (MJF) - zerowaste due to no support material
- is created as 1 part (monolith) - durable shoe
- uses 1 color (native to material) - easier to recycle
- needs 1 move to put on - easy-on shoe

Main name derives from idea where client can pick up shoe from the nearest company that uses MJF 3d print (1 source of production).

3D print allows it to be customizied. Left and right shoe are various in lattice midsole thickness based on client foot pressure scan.