Winner 2023 / Sustainability / RECYCLED MATERIALS

All Grown Up



  • Lead Designer
    Deborah Kiwi
  • Photo credit
    Shay Ben-efraim
  • Prize
  • Expertise

These vibrant pumps are an exercise in repurposing kids shoes. Children outgrow their footwear crazy fast. But unlike clothes, shoes are rarely passed down. Seeing these colorful, but discarded items pile up in my own home, activated me to collect and transform these, still appealing items. Slowing down the life cycle of our wardrobe. This footwear is created from (size 32) sport shoes and sandals. After disassembly, the pattern pieces are restored, altered and reconfigured to become a unique piece. Turning it into a colorful reminder of a much loved object. This is the first pair in a series.

Deborah Kiwi, a Dutch shoe designer and maker based in Tel Aviv, specialises in the design and creation of conceptual, artistic footwear. This female voice aims to push the boundaries of what footwear can be. Using this fascinating, diverse object and what it represents, to explore our relationship to gender, status and culture.

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