Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / WOMEN’S FASHION

Evolution to Absurdity



  • University
    London College Of Fashion
  • Lead Designer
    Daniel Charkow
  • Professor
    Sarah Day, Daphne Bikker
  • Prize
  • Expertise

Evolution to Absurdity is a response to the unpredictable world around us and encourages us to practise embracing the absurd. With its roots in traditional absurdist philosophies and how they have been applied to art and design, I have written an Absurdist Design Manifesto to evolve these core concepts into its own design theory. By following the rules detailed in the manifesto, each shoe in the collection is absurd in its own right. Though the process is absurd, the final products are still wearable and the collection encourages intellectual questioning with a sense of humour and joy.

Daniel Charkow is an emerging shoe designer and shoemaker born in Toronto and based in London. Inspired by Lady Gaga’s fierce fashion and bold choices, at age twelve Daniel created his first shoe. Falling in love with the art, he pursued shoemaking at many local workshops before enrolling at Cordwainers College at London College of Fashion. Charkow’s work explores the relationship between art and fashion by combining his respect for craftsmanship with technology of the modern world. His work has been featured in Vogue, and Billboard, has been displayed at London Fashion Week London Craft Week.