Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / WOMEN’S FASHION

Stained glass origami mule



  • University
    Fashion Institute Of Technology
  • Lead Designer
    Aigul Bedelbayeva
  • Prize
  • Expertise

Being a fan of the Renaissance, I decided to create shoes that would be reminiscent of my favorite period in the history of art. I chose the origami technique and decided to associate the design with the art of stained glass, which received a new breath in the Renaissance due to changes in glass manufacturing technologies for stained glass. This creates the best impression that this shoe design belongs to the Renaissance, but already in a modern reading.

My name is Aigul Bedelbayeva.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the leading university in the country of Kazakhstan, Kazakh State University. Continuing to further my education, I entered the master's program at KIMEP American University in Kazakhstan graduating with honors while being a mother of three young children.

A Master's degree in marketing allowed me to establish from concept to creation and successfully manage my own Internet café. Now I am FIT student.

Other prizes
ACHIEVEMENTS, AWARDS, EXHIBITIONS 1.Shoes Page-A-Day Calendar 2024. Two different designs (shoes) selected and displayed in two separate calendars. Workman Publishing, August 2023. 2.Contest Special Mentions. The Most Inspiring Story: Footwear and Accessories Design. ALOHAS COMPANY. June 2023. Spain 3.Rising Star Award - Graduating Senior. Footwear and Accessories Design Two Year AAS Fashion Institute of Technology. May 2023. New York, NY, USA. 4.Fur Vision Trend Show. Two Designs (Bag and Earmuffs) selected and displayed. POLOGEORGIS FURS. October 2022. New York, NY, USA. 5. The Virtual Shoe Museum. One design (shoe) displayed. June, 2022. Holland. 6. Resurgence International Exhibition. Two different designs (shoes) selected and displayed. The only representative on behalf of FIT students in the Footwear handmade category. February 2022. New York, NY, USA. 7. Honorable Mention 2021/Special Award. Artistic Footwear by GLOBAL FOOTWEAR AWARDS COMPANY. February 2022. Switzerland.