Winner 2023 / Fashion Sneakers / SNEAKERS

Modern Kung Fu



  • University
    School Of Visual Arts
  • Lead Designer
    Shun Cheng Hsieh
  • Professor
  • Photo credit
    Shun Cheng Hsieh
  • Prize
    Winner in SNEAKERS, Winner in PERFORMANCE ARTS
  • Expertise

Modern Kung Fu , meticulously designed for enthusiasts aged 25-60 who embrace both traditional practice and outdoor adventures like Tai Chi and hiking. This innovative footwear features a versatile modular outsole, effortlessly adapting to different terrains. Crafted with a harmonious fusion of modern materials and traditional craftsmanship, it embodies the elegance of Chinese knot-inspired elastic rope closures for secure slip-on convenience. Our footwear combines tradition with innovation, making it the ultimate choice for modern Kung Fu lifestyles.