Winner 2023 / Sports Performance / RUNNING/TRAIL RUNNING

Puma Street Cat



  • University
    College For Creative Studies
  • Lead Designer
    Lear White
  • Professor
    Greg Darby
  • Prize
  • Expertise

The Puma Street Cat is designed for the elite Olympic marathon runner. This shoe supports the athlete through long range distances, in this case, Olympic marathon runner, Molly Seidel, during her push for the podium in the 2024 Paris France Olympic Games. The Street Cat incorporates a carbon fiber plate within the sole to provide forward spring, as well as a wedged heel counter, to lock the wearers foot in place, and give the athlete a push point to get their shoes off quick after a long run. The Shoe also integrates pull strap style lacing, which helps quickly lock down the foot to the sole.