Winner 2023 / Sports Performance / RUNNING/TRAIL RUNNING

Sum Shoes



  • University
    Appalachian State University
  • Lead Designer
    Oliver Dunkin
  • Design Team
    Oliver Dunkin
  • Professor
    Richard Elaver
  • Photo credit
    Oliver Dunkin
  • Prize
  • Expertise

Sum Shoes:high-performance running shoes with three components—a shroud (lockdown), drop-in midsole (cushioning/bounce), and outer shell (structure/traction) constructed without glue recycling and repurposing material. The typical lifespan of a running shoe is about 300-400 miles (2-6 months) until they end up in landfills. Sum's Solution: return the shoes to the manufacturer for disassembly and recycling. TPU and knit can be transformed into reusable materials for shoe production or recycling programs like Nike Grind. Reducing waste, promoting sustainability in performance shoes.