Winner 2023 / Sports Performance / OUTDOOR ATHLETIC SPORTS

BOWLED: Performance Cricket Footwear Collection



  • University
    University Of Oregon
  • Lead Designer
    Aarya Ghule
  • Professor
    Susan Sokolowski, Rachael Volker, Carly Mick, Vanessa Preisler, James Tuttle
  • Photo credit
    Manikantanagasai Illuri
  • Prize
  • Expertise

"BOWLED" is a collection of position-specific performance footwear for cricket players. Taking inspiration from the specific actions of the Batsman and the Bowler, these shoes address a modern and technical spin on footwear for this widely loved international sport. The Bowler shoe features a dual strap lockdown system that provides arch support to the bowlers and improves foot lockdown during fast-paced deliveries. The Batsman shoe features a 3D-printed TPU structure to provide additional support on the midfoot region and asymmetric lacing system for improved fit and reduced midfoot pressure.