Winner 2023 / Special Awards / MEDICAL FOOTWEAR

Project Embrace



  • University
    Pensole Lewis College
  • Lead Designer
    Vidit Singh Chhikara
  • Design Team
    Shun Ping
  • Professor
  • Prize
  • Expertise

Embrace is a vision for the future of the footwear medical industry. It’s a speculative design approach to enhanced mobility for Cerebral Palsy kids suffering from Foot Equinus. The condition of Equinus leads to imbalance of gait and in-toeing of foot making walking difficult. Embrace approaches this condition with adaptive brace which allows muscle stimulation on imbalanced movement while facilitating natural gait through posture control toe to heel mechanism. Embrace aims to achieve faster therapy and ankle foot brace recovery for kids suffering from Equinus by embracing their capabilities.

Vidit Singh Chhikara started his journey in India with a passion for footwear. Learning the craftsmanship from parts of India, Vidit came to the US to study Footwear Design with Pensole Academy which led him to master the art and craft as a Product Designer at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit,

Vidit interned with Fila India, Puma, and Adidas US and was mentored by some of the greatest creatives, like Dr.Dwayne Edwards, Marc Dolce, Jayson Mayden, Yassine, Omar Bailey, and many more.