Overall Winner 2023 / FASHION SNEAKERS




  • University
    Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design
  • Lead Designer
    Ofir Kertesz
  • Professor
    Eliora Ginsburg
  • Photo credit
  • Prize
    Winner in HIGH HEELS, Winner in ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR, Overall winner in FASHION SNEAKERS
  • Expertise

On March 2021 I was involved in a serious car accident that left me disabled both physically and mentally.
During my long recovery I became obsessed with the concept of freedom, because I felt deprived of any remnants of it. I found myself drawn to the metamorphosis of insects.
I created three pairs of shoes, custom made for my own feet measurements using 3d printing and handcrafting techniques.
The shoes, representing Elements of my search for a new ability to fly. The Beetle became my physical and mental strength, the wasp my perseverance, and the butterfly the freedom I long for.