Overall Winner 2023 / SUSTAINABILITY




  • University
    Ecal - The École Cantonale D'art De Lausanne
  • Lead Designer
    Robin Luginbuehl
  • Professor
    Carolien Niebling, Christian Spiess, Stéphane Halmai-voissard
  • Photo credit
    Gilian Cardaci
  • Prize
    Winner in SNEAKERS, Winner in RECYCLED MATERIALS, Overall winner in SUSTAINABILITY
  • Expertise

The Disassembly lab is a conceptual and formal study aimed at creating shoes integrated into a sustainable system. Disassembly extends the life of a shoe, making it repairable, restorable, replaceable and recyclable. The aim is to rethink and redefine the way we build and assemble sneakers without glue. This research is inspired by various references and explores distinct concepts. Each concept evolves over the course of the research, culminating in three shoes, offering different functional and aesthetic solutions. These shoes, with their TPU soles and 3D knitted upper, are reduced to minimum