2022 / Women's Fashion




  • Company
  • University
    d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas ( former SASK/Academy of Fine Arts Sint-Niklaas)
  • Lead Designer
    Marjolijn Van Agt
  • Prize
    Footwear Brand of the Year, Winner in WOMEN'S FASHION, Overall winner in WOMEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise

The SPLIT collection represents both sides within myself. Femininity combined with a dark edge. This is best seen in the heel which contains both hard edges and soft round curves. The epoxy heel is entirely made by hand from sanded plaster before poured into a mold. The upper materials are a mixture between soft tule, leather, pearls and beads.

Bio: I graduated both Industrial Footwear Design at the Dutch Shoe Academy and the shoe design program at SASK, d’Academie Beeld. In 2021 i started my shoemaking business Vanagtshoes where i design and make shoes by hand for diverse customers.