2023 / Special Awards




  • Company
    The Cryptide
  • Brand
    The Cryptide
  • Lead Designer
    Stephan Henrich
  • Client
  • Photo credit
    Kai Knoerzer
  • Prize
    Footwear Brand of the Year, Winner in 3D PRINT FOOTWEAR, Overall winner in SPECIAL AWARDS
  • Expertise

TheCRYPTIDE ONE is a luxury lifestyle shoe that is completely 3D printed from one flexible material.
The uppershoe, designed as a sock that is perforated for optimal ventilation, can be shaped by a 3D scan of the foot of its future wearer.
The iconic sole design is segmented into the wearer's toe, ball and heel areas. The midsole consists of a branching structure, which can be precisely aligned to the wearer's weight and walking through FEA and topology optimization. On-demand manucaturing avoids overproduction. It is made from a single material, so it is easy to recycle. Simply Cryptozoology.

Since 2023 The CRYPTIDE is a registered trade mark.
The design label "The CRYPTIDE" linked to 3d-printed footwear and 3d-printed fashion is about to be lounched by designer Stephan Henrich.