Silver 2020 / Women’s Dress / Calf boots

Mantsjoe - Qianlong

  • University
    D'academie Beeld
  • Lead Designer
    Annelies Wouters
  • Prize
    Silver in Calf boots
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Annelies Wouters

Based on the "China" theme and using "textures" (by Canadian smocking, smyrna and quilting). Chinese history: imperial dynasties including the Qing (Manchu) dynasty, characterized by power, prestige and vastness. The shapes, lines and colors are inspired by the fashion (for the top) and the typical porcelain vases (for the platform sole). Contemporary China: recycling center of plastic waste in the world and the label 'Made in China': associated with cheap counterfeiting, mass production and poor quality. The platform soles were given a cheap touch reminiscent of plastic to reflect this.

Photo Credit: Annelies Wouters