Oronzo De Matteis

OROORO BRAND LUXURY / CEO Founder & Creative Director

Oronzo was born in Rheine on August 18, 1976, and lived his childhood in Dusseldorf (Germany), One of the major centers of German romanticism it hosts
numerous international trade fairs including the GDS International Event
for Shoes, Oronzo fell in love with the world of fashion when he was 6.
Intrigued and attracted by the world of fashion, He was determined to become a Shoe Designer but the real turning point came in 2000 when he moved to San Mauro Pascoli, home of the footwear luxury and Made in Italy, to pursue his dreams.

His training comes from CERCAL (Shoe Academy) founded by SERGIO ROSSI in San
Mauro Pascoli, one of the most accredited schools in the world in the luxury footwear sector.

Here he attends Higher International Training courses as a “Footwear Stylist and Pattern Maker.


2019 – Winner of the London Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 UK.
OROORO LUXURY BRAND by Designer Oronzo De Matteis Best Brand
Women’s Luxury Footwear – Italy 2019


Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 – UK Rewards for fashion and style for the
year 2019 rewards OROORO LUXURY BRAND by Designer Oronzo De Matteis as
the: Best brand of women’s luxury shoes 2019 -Italy


2014 – He was also awarded with the HONOR OF MAESTRO D’ARTE at the
Camera della Moda which leads him to travel by invitation, broadcasting and teaching
in the Fashion Academies, with Style Work Shops.


2022- Wins the Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2022 UK.
OROORO LUXURY BRAND of the Designer Oronzo De Matteis as: The most attentive
Italian company of handmade luxury shoes – Southern Italy

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